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Health-Care Reform

Signed into law in 2010, The Affordable Care Act makes sweeping changes to our health-care system. In general, the legislation mandates that most individuals have minimum health insurance or face a possible tax. And while employers are not required to offer health insurance to their employees, those electing not to offer coverage may face a penalty. How does the health-care reform law affect you? If you have health insurance, can you keep it? If you’re a small business owner, do you have to offer insurance to your employees or face a penalty? How does the law affect seniors and Medicare? These are just some of the topics that our Health-Care Reform Resource Center explores.  Read More...

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Medicare Part A 2014 Costs
Monthly premium: If you buy Part A, you'll pay up to $441 each month in 2013 ($426 in
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Factors Affecting Retirement Income
When it comes to planning for your retirement income, it's easy to overlook some of the
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Independent Living Assessment
  With nearly 50 years of home care experience, we understand how important it is for
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Dr. Comfort Inserts
Our Inserts Dr. Comfort inserts are designed to provide the perfect fit for wearers
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New opportunities emerge in
By M. Brad Slavin The time for retailers, home medical equipment and durable medical

Medicare and You 2014


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