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Medicare Fraud

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senior man talking on a telephoneIf you suspect errors, fraud, or abuse when you use Medicare—or if someone tries to sell you a product or service you don’t need—report it. Learn what to look for, and get details about preventing and detecting fraud.

What do I need to have to report errors, fraud, or abuse?

Before you report errors, fraud, or abuse, carefully review the facts and have the following information ready:

  • The provider’s name and any identifying number you may have.
  • Information on the service or item you are questioning.
  • The date the service or item was supposedly given or delivered.
  • The payment amount approved and paid by Medicare.
  • The date on your Medicare Summary Notice.
  • Your name and Medicare number (as listed on your Medicare card).
  • The reason you think Medicare should not have paid.
  • Any other information you have showing why Medicare should not have paid.

Where do I report errors, fraud, or abuse?

To report suspected errors, fraud, or abuse, you can contact either:

HHS Office of Inspector General
Call: 800-447-8477
TTY: 800-377-4950
Online: Report Fraud Online
Mail: HHS Tips Hotline
P.O. Box 23489
Washington, DC 20026-3489


Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Call: 800-633-4227
TTY: 877-486-2048
Mail: Medicare Beneficiary Contact Center
P.O. Box 39
Lawrence, KS 66044

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